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Our Silent Keys

Tom Lloyd - VA3ZE, became a Silent Key March 20th, 2009. He had occupied various roles in the Kingston radioamateur community, including a term as president of the Kingston Amateur Radio Club. 

George Sansom - VE3GWS, passed away early in the morning of May 20, 2013. He spent countless hours on the HF bands, encouraging new hams and acting as an elmer to many.  George was a tinkerer who became the local expert on packet and digital radio. He was the driving force behind the new digital backbone in Frontenac County. George was the originator of the LNLARES Group, keeping the local repeaters alive when he was in the LNL area and operating the Control Station for the Cycle Tour. He was active in CARF, was editor of TCA and was one of the three member team that brought about the final merger of CARF and CRRL.