Weekly Net

A directed net is held every Sunday on 146.805MHz (-) VE3FRG (tone 203.5)

Frontenac County Emcomm Weekly Net Script

This is (name)_________ , (call sign)___________, Net Control Operator for the Frontenac County Emergency Communications Group Net.

This net meets every Sunday evening at 1930 hrs on the 146.805 VE3FRG repeater for the purpose of planning, practising and discussing the activities of the Frontenac County Emcomm Group

This net is open to anyone interested in Emcomm and supporting emergency communications in Frontenac County. Emcomm membership is not required to check in to the Net.

If at any time during the Net, should an emergency arise, please notify Net Control. We will stand by and allow those in need access to this repeater.

Are there any portable or mobile stations wishing to check in at this time?

Are there any home based stations wishing to check in at this time?

Are there any stations from outside Frontenac County wishing to check in at this time?

Do we have any stations with announcements, bulletins, or news of general interest to the net?

Last call for any stations wishing to check-in to the Frontenac County Emcomm net, or any further comments or questions, please come now.

There being no further check-ins or comments, this is (Your call sign) closing the Frontenac County Emcomm Net, Thanks to all for participating. This frequency is now returned to regular amateur use. 73 to all, this is_________.